A Chobe Safari… on Twitter

A Chobe Safari… on Twitter

This past week, I’ve had Botswana brain. Even more so than usual. It’s all because of the #ThisIsChobe Twitter Safari.

My travel daydreaming has been fuelled and encouraged dreamily by Stuart Parker and his #ThisIsChobe Twitter campaign.The idea behind the hype was to get happy travellers,  Chobe tourism service providers and properties talking and sharing about the sublime Chobe region of Botswana, showcasing it as the incredible safari destination it is. Pictures, travel tales, sightings and community stories were shared, through individuals joining the Twitter conversation and using the #ThisIsChobe when sharing.


Chobe is one of my happy places and I was naturally and giddily sucked into the Twitter safari conversation. After my three different trips to the area, I still want to go back at every chance we get. It’s a special region for my husband and I too, being the destination of our first ever holiday together back when we were brand new and also part of what turned into our amazing engagement holiday last year too. Yip, Botswana has made herself very comfy in our hearts.


Thursday the 16th of October was the main event day for #ThisIsChobe. An all-day  Chobe Twitter safari chat took place, with Stuart and some Chobe experts and travellers sharing pictures and tweets about what they were seeing and doing in Chobe itself that day, and making us all green with safari envy. The rest of us Chobe lovers participated from behind our screens, wherever else we were in the world, following and sharing as we went… and no doubt checking our leave calendars and plotting our next getaway to Chobe soon after all the enticement.

Throughout the chat, four easy questions were posted too and those who answered them using the  #ThisIsChobe tag to enter into the competition. The prize? A seven night safari for two to the Chobe region, including return flights from Airlink.

Every Botswana-travel-hungry participant was holding more than just thumbs, hoping to be a winner.

Congrats to the lucky @sv_images!


The Questions and Answers:

QUESTION 1: The #ChobeGameLodge all-female guiding team are aptly named what? Answer here#ThisIsChobe

Answer: The Chobe Angels.

QUESTION 2: Who’s the @PangolinPhoto Head Guide & #Botswana #Wildlife Photographer of the year 2014 #ThisIsChobe http://www.pangolinphoto.com/wildlife-photographer-of-the-year-2014 …

Answer: Gerhard “Guts” Swanepoel.

QUESTION 3: #ChobeElephantCamp is built using what substance that makes up much of #Botswana #ThisIsChobe @Bush_Ways http://www.chobeelephantcamp.com/ 

Answer: Red Kalahari sand.

Q 4: What does #Savute mean (clue: answer in the video & several answers count) Tag @DesertDelta & #ThisIsChobe http://www.desertdelta.com/botswana-safari-lodges/savute-safari-lodge.html …

Answer: Mystery, unpredictable and unexplained.


It was a wild success and got everybody excited about Chobe travel. Stuart remarked on Twitter about the outcome:

“Yes it was. Total reach of about 650,000 and 3.4 million impacts. Was great fun running this campaign #ThisIsChobe.”


Here are a few of my own tweets and pictures shared on #ThisIsChobe , about my personal Chobe memories.

Kelly Robertson @BushbabyBlog · Oct 16

The #ThisIsChobe chat is making me reminiscent of our Chobe travels. Absolutely love Bots & Chobe! Such memories!


Kelly Robertson @BushbabyBlog · Oct 16

Happiness is camping inside Chobe National Park! In the majesty of it all!Can’t wait to get back! #Ihaha #ThisIsChobe


Kelly Robertson @BushbabyBlog · Oct 16

Magical Chobe sunset with sundowners. This one was from a houseboat with incredible Chobe River views #ThisIsChobe


Kelly Robertson @BushbabyBlog · Oct 16

Chobe’s ellies are such an important part of its character….& its landscape. I can never tire of them! #ThisIsChobe


Here is a selection of some of my favourite tweets and pictures shared by Botswana-loving participants on the Twitter chat day too:

I really feel like the spirit of Chobe was captured through them and many others shared on #ThisIsChobe. Keep sharing. We’re all still following and craving the Chobe magic that comes through them.


Nicky Blue Photo ‏@Nickyblue78  24h24 hours ago

#ThisIsChobe taken in #stunning #Botswana #sunset with #hippo – jaw-gapping #Wildlife #travelpics taken by me


IchobeziRiverLodges @Ichobezi · Oct 16

Are you replying to the #ThisIsChobe questions here to stand a chance to win? You could be enjoying views like this!

Bush Guru SGS Africa ‏@Bushguru  Oct 16

What a Twitter Safari! An epic Journey… #thisischobe


Desert&Delta Safaris ‏@desertdelta  Oct 16

@capturingafrica @ThisIsChobe It is almost sundowner time at Chobe Savanna Lodge #ThisIsChobe


Stuart Parker ‏@capturingafrica  Oct 16

More #ThisIsChobe action from @Bushguru: The sun has come out again – time to cool down!


UnderOneBotswanaSky @Under1BotsSky · Oct 16

Have you ever seen a more magical sunset in #Africa than this one at the Chobe River? #ThisIsChobe


Devon Mc Alpine ‏@McDevster  Oct 16

#ThisIsChobe enjoying all for of water, weather it’s rainong, the playing in the river or just having a drink!


Flame of Africa ‏@flameofafrica 
 Oct 16

#thisischobe I love how the dust illuminates at sunset here in @ThisIsChobe @flameofafrica


andBeyond ‏@andBeyondSafari  Oct 16

Even leopards have to improvise every once in a while. #ThisIsChobe



Roxanne Reid ‏@RoxanneReidSA  Oct 16

Another beautiful antelope from Chobe, the sable #ThisIsChobe


Go2Africa ‏@Go2Africa  Oct 16

Sunsets in Chobe are gorgeous! #ThisIsChobe @capturingafrica


Stuart Parker ‏@capturingafrica  Oct 13

Thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon #chobe river cruise. One of the crocs we saw along the way. #ThisIsChobe


UnderOneBotswanaSky ‏@Under1BotsSky  Oct 9

Did you know, that the elephant population of Chobe National Park is around 70,000? @ThisIsChobe #ThisIsChobe


Rex Kelly @KalahariRex · Oct 16

#ThisIsChobe @Kasane #Rightofwayhere


UnderOneBotswanaSky @Under1BotsSky · Oct 16

Have you seen this video of the gorgeous Chobe National Park:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUsqxLFnokU … #ThisIsChobe

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