About Me:

A “Happy Camper” at heart. That pretty much sums me up. Laid back adventure is my style. No crowds, no frills needed,  just the backdrop and offerings of the natural. Every now and then a touch of luxurious comfort makes for a welcome change but nothing brings me closer to nature than being in it, simply and without  much man-made distraction.

I’m in my happy place when immersed in a wild, natural and awe-inspiring environment. Preferably in some untouched corner of our Africa. When I’m not out chasing sunsets and listening to the night sounds of the bush from a tent with my husband, I’m daydreaming and planning the next time we can. I’ll tell you all about it in my blogs.

lion Kruger

Kruger binoculars

Mopani Dam Kruger

My relationship with travel:

Travelling, especially African travel, gives me that “butterflies-in –my tummy” feeling. I can only explain it as pure happiness. It’s a freedom that feeds my explorer’s appetite but also soothes me. It makes me feel so lucky to be alive and to be able to experience these spaces and make myself part of them.

Getting away is like massage for the soul. Travel, for me, isn’t only defined by the big bucket list stories and trips (although those are amazing in their own right). Backyard travel is so important to me too. It’s the exploring of the places nearby to us and makes for accessible, easy-going getaways. Never underestimate the wonderment that can be found in a weekend away or even a day’s outing somewhere with big open skies and discoveries to be found.

Chobe River Houseboat

Otter Trail

A Little more about me:

I’m a writer at heart with a travelling problem. Lover of the great outdoors. African travel obsessed. Blogger. Digital Marketing Strategist. New wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Dog-Mom. And travel daydreamer.

Mtentu River lodge with dog

Chainladder Hike, Drakensberg Ampitheatre

I’m proudly from Jo’burg, lived and played in Durban for 4 years, and now we’ve settled in our countryside setting of Hartbeespoort, North West Province (about an hour away from Jo’burg). When I was born, I had big, blue, wide-eyes and hair that wouldn’t lie down. My great gran nicknamed me “Bushbaby” (or “nagapie”). I’ve always quite liked that and the way it connected me to the idea of the bushveld. My diary as a child quickly turned into more of a travel journal about our holidays and I suppose I still have the need to document and share those experiences and concrete them into memory. That is what this blog allows me to do.

KwaZulu Natal beach

Some of my previously published stories are shared on my blog too.

All stories, content, photos and opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

Please don’t use any without chatting to me first.

I’d love to connect with you so please comment on my blogs or contact me.

Happy Travels


uMfolozi Wilderness Trail

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  1. mzansigirl
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    Congrats on the blog Kelly! Look forward to reading more about your adventures!

    1. Kelly Robertson
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      Thanks so much Meruschka. It’s so exciting!
      Loving following your recent whirlwind travels.

  2. Amazon Adventures (@AmazonSafaris)
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    congratulations Kelly Robertson!! we love to get into the wild. we couldn’t it pass your beautiful piece . we would love to have you in Maasai mara. Kenya this season. #wildebeestmigration! #whyilovekenya

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    Love it! Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Kelly Robertson
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      Thanks so much Ash:) Loving your stuff too and following with interest:)

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    Hi Kelly, it looks like you are having some authorization issues with your images on this page. Public viewers cant see them.

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